Iceland Nature Travel – a Class of Its Own

Fortunately, mass tourism in Iceland is still out of the question, but we are aware that this is not self-evident. Major tour operators have discovered Iceland for themselves and produce group travel like on the assembly line: simple, fast and cheap. Compared to the large groups of mass organizers, our groups, with a maximum of 24 participants, are considered small.

Hörður Erlingsson, the founder and owner of Erlingsson Nature Travel, is known as one of the pioneers of nature-based travelling in Iceland. Our company is not one of the biggest in Iceland, but it has established itself as one of the most successful ones in the field over the past 35 years. When organizing our tours, the main focus always lies on the nature and culture of the country. Please let us explain what we mean by that.

How are we different from other tour operators?

  • Our offices are located in Reykjavík, which means that we are always there for you in case you need assistance during your holiday or just have a question concerning the tour. All of our employees speak English. We also operate a 24 hour service number for customers who are travelling in the country.
  • Our self-drive tours are based on group travels which we have been operating for over 30 years now.
  • We work with Iceland’s best established rental car company.
  • When booking a self-drive tour with us, we will pre-book the car and hotel and provide you with ideas how to spend the days. However, in case you have your own plans, you are never bound to any stiff programme. You will also get a detailed route description and road map upon booking.
  • If you are interested in hiking, we can also provide you with appropriate routes free of charge.
  • Our self-drive tours for bird watchers and geologists have been very popular since we first included them in our programme.
  • If you have an individual plan or wishes, we are happy to include it in one of our programmes or even put together a completely new route.

We can also organize small group travels upon request. Please contact us for further