Sustainability Policy

Mission Statement

Ferðaskrifstofa Harðar Erlingssonar – Erlingsson Nature Travel aims to make the company’s operation as sustainable as possible. Our mission is to offer high quality tours, that cause minimum impact on our environment and as an Icelandic company we aim to secure local economic benefits from our operation. It is important to us to provide professional and interesting tours, guided by qualified local guides, who encourage the guests to respect the fragile Icelandic nature, as well as the local inhabitants, humans and animals equally. By connecting people with nature in a respectful and sustainable manner, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our planet. Together, we envision a future where travel enhances both the lives of our travelers and the well-being of the destinations we visit.

To reach our goals we:

  • only hire local guides, who know their own country and its inhabitants well. By doing so, we hope to give our guests an insight into the daily lives of Icelanders, their way of thinking and the Icelandic culture. We also emphasize that our guides take pride in showing their country so that our guests may experience the specialities of Icelandic nature and culture.
  • do business with the local people in the area our travel brings us through. Offering locally produced food, activities and other things special for the area. By doing so, we hope to reduce leakage and leave the local people a share of the economical profits of our guests.
  • minimise energy consumption, waste emission and chemical usage. Recycle, reuse and seek environmental solutions, both in our office and on our tours.
  • prefer doing business with suppliers who are environmentally aware.
  • are committed to educating our guests, our employees and our suppliers about our environmental and social policy and encouraging them to take a stand and participate in our efforts to protect our environment.
  • commit to laws and regulations that apply to our organisation.
  • The company’s environmental and social goals, as well as our cooperation with suppliers and other connected companies are to be under constant revision, so that we may be able to identify what could be improved and find solutions accordingly.

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