Whale Watching from Hauganes (incl. Sea Angling)


Walbeobachtung ab Hauganes

Whale Watching from Hauganes

Whale watching Hauganes is one of the oldest whale watching tour operators in Iceland, founded in 1993. The tours are operated from a small fishing village in Eyjafjörður bay, only 30 minutes drive from Akureyri. Enjoy a lovely tour on a traditional Icelandic oak boat. The tour is fully guided and offers free coffee and homemade pastries. Commonly Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Harbour Porpoise, and White Beaked Dolphins are seen on the tours and whales are spottet in over 98% of the tours.

Each tour is offsetting its carbon dioxide emissions by planting one tree to sequester the amount of carbon equivalent to the emissions. Also the oak boats run partially on biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil from restaurants in the village.


  • 98% changes to seee whales
  • most common species; Humpback Whales, Minke Whales,
    Harbour Porpoise, and White Beaked Dolphin
  • Boattrip around the beautiful Eyjafjörður


Price in EUR

Price in EUR

per person:

2018: € 83,- / Children (7-15 y.) € 41,-

Children under 7 years free of charge 

Service Included

  • Whale watching tour 2,5-3 hours
  • 30 min of Sea Angling
  • English speaking guide
  • Coffee and pastries
  • Warm Overalls and blankets

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